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NEW 2013-2014 Catalog
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking the blogger cherry

Hello, there, dear readers.  This is my first post to my personal blog.  I am hopefully going to post all kinds of things for your viewing pleasure, including, but not limited to, stamping projects, books and book reviews, personal photos, and general fluff.

I like the snarky blogs I read on occasion, and enjoy reading someone's post in the same tone they use for speaking.  So hopefully, I will be able to deliver something similar.

Speaking of cherries, I also signed up for a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not really sure why, and I told Lori (*waves* Hi, Lori!) that I wasn't sure why, too.  I asked her to follow me, and she so graciously did.  I bet she doesn't know why, either.

So, I'm off to start a new idea here, and I can only hope it goes well.  We'll see.
Stay tuned....